Es begann zu regnen (2017)

Juni 11th, 2019  |  Published in Film & Theater, Rassismus & Menschenrechte

A început ploaia“ (dt.: Es begann zu regnen)
Dokumentarfilm von Michele Lancione (
Rumänien / UK 2017, 71 Min. (Website)

Der Film kann hier kostenlos angesehen bzw. hier kos­ten­los herun­ter­ge­la­den wer­den. Unter­ti­tel in di­ver­sen Spra­chen.

A început ploaia“ (dt.: Es begann zu regnen) behandelt das Thema Zwangs­räumungen von Roma in Bukarest. Der Doku­mentar­film schil­dert die Ge­schichte einer Räumung, zeigt aber auch den Widerstand einer Ge­mein­schaft von Roma, die nach der Zwangs­räumung zwei Jah­re lang auf der Straße ge­lebt und für ihr Recht auf Wohnen ge­kämpft haben.

Accordingly to Amnesty International, in Romania ‘the right to housing is not effect­ively re­cognized or pro­tec­ted by natio­nal legisvlation’ and Roma people are ‘dis­propor­tio­nally affec­ted’ by forced evictions. A început ploaia/It started raining is the first feature docu­mentary nar­rating the full history of, and reasons be­hind, this conti­nuous harass­ment and dis­place­ment. The film follows the story of the Vulturilor 50 com­munity of Bucharest (100 indi­vi­duals), who dwelt on the street from Sep­tem­ber 2014 to June 2016 in order to fight against the eviction from their home, en­acting the lon­gest and most vi­sible pro­test for housing right in the his­tory of con­tem­porary Romania. The vicissi­tudes of this com­munity are inter­polated with a number of inter­views with acti­vists, scholars and politi­cians, com­posing a picture that speaks of racial dis­crimina­tion, home­less­ness, evictions, but also of grass­roots prac­tices of resis­tance and social change. A început ploaia is the touching testa­ment to the every­day revolution of Roma people figh­ting evictions from the centre of Bucharest, an en­deavour made of fragile dwel­lings, pro­visio­nal make­shifts and tenuous – but fierce – occu­pancy of public space.

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